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(Set of 3) Comfort Trim Bags

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Ergonomic trimmings receptacle bag - designed for mobility and inventory control.


Fully Adjustable:

The Comfort Trim Bag features an adjustable waist belt to fit most workers. By allowing workers to trim close to the body, the Comfort Trim Bag fosters correct wrist and elbow position to reduce occupational injury and fatigue.


The lid of the Comfort Trim Bag flips up to double as an apron, protecting clothing from accumulating trimmings and debris.

Seed-to-sale Compliance Integration:

With the use of replaceable plastic liners and inventory control zip ties, the Comfort Trim Bag system allows workers to maintain constant control over every speck of product and byproduct, and quickly change to different products without wasting space or accidental cross-contamination. 

Work Flexibility:

Using the Comfort Trim Bag allows workers to sit, recline, stand, bend, and move, while their work moves with them. Workers no longer have to remain in static body positions for long periods, causing fatigue and potentially injury.


Ideal for: 

- Working in outdoor or temporary production areas.

- Allowing bud trimmers to quickly switch between different strains without mixups.

- Helping workers improve posture and body position for reduced occupational injuries, such as lower back pain, neck pain, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

- A collection of trimmings for secondary processing, such as extracts and edibles.

- Increasing worker productivity and company profits."



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